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Automating correct inhaler technique in asthma & COPD with the aflo platform

Eradicating technique errors, improving symptom control and reducing the carbon footprint of MDIs

Managing your airways condition

aflo™ automates inhaler technique to improve the management of respiratory conditions for patients and clinicians, saving lives, reducing costs and improving outcomes. Get in contact to join our clinical trials.

The scale of the problem

Estimates of those making inhaler errors range up to 90% of patients irrespective of the device type used*. This leads to poor symptom control, increased risk of hospitalisation and a higher risk of mortality.

*Critical inhaler errors in asthma and COPD: a systematic review of impact on health outcomes Usmani et al. Respiratory Research (2018) 19:10 DOI 10.1186/s12931-017-0710-y.

By 2025 asthma prevalence will rise to 400 million and by 2032 COPD will be the leading cause of death.

In the UK and Ireland alone there are over 5.9 million people diagnosed with asthma and over 1.4 million with COPD using inhaled medications.

  • Inhaler technique error is associated with poorer outcomes in asthma and COPD
  • Improving inhaler technique results in improved Quality of Life (QoL) scores
  • Inhaler technique error increases healthcare costs

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Reduce your symptoms with aflo

aflo™ will teach you how to inhale your medicines correctly and aggregate your daily inhalation scores with air quality and viral data to help you to manage the symptoms that reduce your quality of life.